Septic Tank Insurance Claims

Life is filled with unexpected surprises. Over time things fail and need repair and we are often faced with a large bill. Be it car repairs, heating system failure or even your septic system.

Insurance helps out and the right insurance can help you cover the cost of any unforeseen large bills. If you have to undertake a large repair or replacement for your septic system it's a good idea to check your insurance policy to see if you are covered or better still make sure you have the right cover in the first place.

Insurance typically covers your septic system if an accident occurs that is sudden and unexpected. An example of this might be if you had a house fire and the septic line beneath your house was damaged. Because this is a sudden and unexpected accident, your homeowners insurance would cover the claim.

Insurance typically doesn’t cover your septic system for wear and tear. Just like your central heating system, if your pump fails this is classed as wear and tear and unless you have additional cover, you'll likely not be able to claim.

Does Household Building Insurance Cover Cover my Septic System?

If your drainage system, septic tanks or sewerage treatment plant has been regularly emptied and maintained and suddenly encounters ed an issue, it is likely that your household building insurance will cover the necessary repairs or replacements.

You'll need to check your own policy of course but the following types of damage to a drainage system are typically covered by buildings insurance policies:

  • Tree root damage to a soakaway
  • Tree root damage to connecting pipework or tanks.
  • Cracks or fractures in pipes and tanks affecting their structure.
  • Broken dip pipes or t-pipes on outlet.
  • Collapsed or damaged baffle.
  • Tanks that have moved by ground pressure or flooding.
  • Damage to tanks by vehicle movement.