Septic Tank Covers

A septic tank lid may not seem the most important part of the system but in fact it is. Replacing the lid on a regular basis may help to stop any problems with your tank such as odors seeping out and the system been clogged up. 

There are a few precautions you should be aware of to make sure your tank cover is safe. Never leave the lid open unattended and make sure the cover is secure to prevent someone falling into the septic tank as this may be fatal. Make sure any repairs are dealt with as soon as they are notice as this could also prevent further problems.

Modern covers are made from thin metal,and even though it's galvanised they do not last many years. So when looking for a longer lasting cover they are best made out of a piece of 6mm thick sheet metal.

While you're replacing you cover why not have a clean out and make sure your tank is still working at its best why not give us a call 01782 791 305.