Septic Tank Inspections

When buying a new property with a septic tank it is important to carry out an inspection to identify any problems. This could prevent any problems which in the future which may become severe and cost you thousands.

A septic tank inspection not only highlights any problems or failings with your septic tank but makes sure your system complies with all regulations.

There are some new regulations concerning septic tanks coming in at the beginning of 2020 and because of this, solicitors who are acting for the purchases of houses are starting to ask the homeowners for a septic tank inspection, the requirement for this will increase as the date gets closer.

When undergoing an inspection it is important that the septic tank is emptied on the day when the inspection is due to take place. This will help the inspection be more accurate and thorough. During the inspection a camera is lowered into the tank to check the condition of the tank and pipe works.

An inspection will be able to tell if your septic tank is right for your property in terms of size and if it complies with regulations. It will be able to outline any problems and failures and give recommendations on how these should be dealt with to prevent further problems.

If you need your septic tank cleaning in advance of inspection we can help please give us a call 01782 791 305